World Naked Bike Ride 2009

Portland must have the largest naked bike ride in THE WORLD.

As a volunteer, I was privy to many communications about Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride and Kick-Off Party.

I overheard the attending Fire Marshall proclaim “Yeah, that’s about 5,000 people”, I knew something great was going down.

A sea of flesh in various stages of costume, body paint and undress, dancing, laughing and having a great time. Cheers, hugs, chants, singing, finding missed friends, bicycles, painting, and awesome frivoloty all BEFORE the ride even started.

At Midnight, the ride started it’s procession with the tune of drums from The Last Regimine. blogged all about and has MANY photos.

I was able to snap a few of the site before the party started, but was unable to continue as I was not an official photographer.

There was so much hard work put in by the core group of organizers. all of whom are unpaid volunteers. Umbrella, the fiscal backer, helped obtain permits, insurance and sponsors.

I’m still smiling from all the fun I had that evening.

More photos from my Flickr Contacts:

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