You Don’t Understand, I want to learn EVERYTHING

Inquiring minds have this problem of always being inquisitive. Seriously!

I struggle to keep myself from going even MORE into debt every time I go to the bookstore to find a specific book. If you let me, I’d walk out with carts of books with every little subject I have even the smallest interest.

I don’t know about you, but in addition to learning how to make my own battling death robot, reading fiction, learning foreign languages, art, and the unpredictable behavior of the blogger, I just can’t get enough of them books.

Books on EVERYTHING. I seriously almost bought a book on the the significance of “Pi” just because it was a geek thing to do. I’d probably get bored and sell the book soon afterwards, but I would have read the first couple chapters or skimmed through it to get some significant facts and figures so that I can be a geek around other geeks.

Latest Book Purchases: “How to Restore Your Collector Bicycle” and “Zinn’s Cycling Primer”. Two bicycle related books to help me learn more about the trade I love as a hobby and would love to make a living by it someday.

Gah…my wishlist on is growing quite rapidly every time I research available books on any given topic. I do prune it every so often, but I still grows with books I wish to look at to see if they are indeed what I seek in wisdom.

What am I? Mad? Eccentric or just plain insane?

I’ll be the judge of that!

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  1. Dude, it’s really too bad you can’t visit my parents, and riffle through the squillions of boxes of books his company sends him as comp copies. You’d probably find many things of interest, much like I do. What you should do though, is visit the Royal Oak Library book sale with me in a couple weeks on their bag day, when you get a grocery bag worth of books for $2. I always find a load of stuff to pick up.

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