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Paintings Sold – More Available

Thanks to everyone that bought some paintings via my eBay sale. It went better than expected and helped this start-up artist pay the bills. I’ll be posting more paintings on Etsy if you are interested. Stay tuned!  

Out of Class

I’m done with the 4 day intensive at PNCA. Thanks again to those that helped contribute money to send me, it was worth every penny as I learned so much about the Children’s publishing world. It would have taken so much longer to learn so much information on my own. My teacher, Victoria Jamieson, did […]

Going to Class!

I lucked out and found enough supporters to pay for a class about Writing and Illustrating for Children’s Publications at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I’m now registered and ready to learn! Thanks so much to all that have made it possible! I’ll be working on thank-you letters and sketches over the next week […]

Send me to class!

A call for assistance! I’m using IndieGoGo to help me raise money to go to a class at the Pacific Northwest College of Art so that I can study Writing and Illustrating for Children’s Literature. I can’t afford to pay for the class out of my own pocket and don’t want to accrue more debt. […]

New Cat T-Shirts

I just posted two new T-shirt designs on my Spreadshirt Store. You can customize what type of shirt you want it printed on, the color of the shirt and the color of the ink. Enjoy! The “Curious Cat”   “The iFish”

SketchDaily 20120418

Today’s sketch was just a quicky clicky sketchy. Lots to work on right now! “Fictional Extreme Sports” EXTREME-ALLIGATOR-WRESTLING-ON-FREIGHT-TRAINS-DURING-TORNADOS

Bike Parade – Web Edition!

Today, Bike Parade! The Coloring book is available to purchase as a digital download for $8. You can download the PDF and print any of the pages as many times as you like as long as it is for your personal use. With every purchase of the book, a snail gets its wings! It’s a […]

Some Watercolor Fun

I’ve been having fun with using watercolors in my work. It’s been cool to watch some of the random patterns that are formed by the pooling colors, the rippling of the paper and how they mix together at different watery consistencies. Growing up playing lots of Tetris left a permanent impression in my psyche of […]

Crewing the PCT 100

My friend Leif just ran the inaugural PCT100 and I was part of his crew for the day to make sure he had everything he needed at the aid stations. I also accompanied him during a 3.5 mile section of trail, both of us wearing Vibram FiveFingers, the only two runners on the course. Leif […]

A Comfortable Run

I’m so sold on forefoot running. I just completed the most comfortable 6 mile run in my life. The Vibram FiveFingers are really working well for me in terms of running as if barefoot, protecting my feet from concrete and sharp urban debris. I really can’t recommend them enough.

Halley the Bicycling Harper

Halley the Harper for HireOriginally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones The BTA wanted to promote cyclists to slow down and relax on their commute due to an incident between a cyclist and pedestrian. There was a Halley the Harper playing on the corner of Madsion and 2nd Ave as bicycle, cars, and pedestrian traffic cruised by. Sign […]

Betty at SolarWorld

Betty at SolarWorldOriginally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones I took Betty for a long ride around Hillsboro to distribute fliers for Green Empowerment‘s and Solar World’s “Sun, Wind, & Gears Ride“. Green Empowerment does some really great work around the world in helping small communities get micro-hydro, solar, and wind power. Solar World is the nation’s largest […]

My Curriculum Vitae

Tomas Quinones1534 SE 23rd AvePortland, OR Qualifications SummaryProven record as a dedicated team-player, with over ten years of solid computer skills,who coordinates and prioritizes multiple tasks and strives for consistent problem solving using creativity and education. Community Bicycle SupportIT Customer ServiceWriting / EditingPeer TrainerProject / Group ManagementWorkflow Improvement Computer SkillsSoftware Supported Adobe Creative Suite […]

Bike Camping Milo McIver

Simple CampOriginally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones Cycle Wild‘s trip to Milo McIver state park was attended by 4 cyclists. It was a pleasant weekend, alcohol consumed and nature enjoyed. I rode out before the rest of the group to make sure we could get a hold of a site as it was a great weekend weather-wise […]

Theo Brings the Beer

Theo Brings the BeerOriginally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones Some front racks are designed specifically to hold cases of beer. I ran into Theo while riding the Sunday Parkways route in SE Portland. Riding in Portland with a case or two of beer is so common today that nobody flinches when a stranger pulls up. If anything, […]

Heavily loaded Cetma

Heavily loaded CetmaOriginally uploaded by Tomas.Quinones Sometimes it is possible to overload a cargo bike. The owner of this Cetma cargo bike has a reputation for going a bit beyond the call of duty and overloading his bike to the point where he can barely ride it safely. On this occasion, the load in the […]

My Choice Sock – Ninja Style

The weather in Portland just cooled down a bit from the 107-degree temperatures we just experienced last week. It is cool enough in the house to resort to wearing socks again, which brings me to the awesome Injinji Socks! I have been wearing Injinji Tetratsocks for over 2 years now and they are by far […]

Uncluttered Inspiration

I’m so in love with Unclutterer Blog and the related Flickr Pool. The Unitaskers often blow my mind that people will pay money for this stuff. Life the plastic banana slicer, because slicing banana is apparently WAY too hard. I’ve been reading Unclutterer for two years now and have gleamed great inspiration in simplying and […]

Self Transcendence 3100

Personally, I would just get bored running around a half-mile loop for 5647 laps, but the idea of running 3100 miles greatly appeals to me. I have nothing but utter awe for any participant that completes this race. I still can’t believe it was won for a sixthm time in a row by Aalto. […]

World Naked Bike Ride 2009

Portland must have the largest naked bike ride in THE WORLD. As a volunteer, I was privy to many communications about Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride and Kick-Off Party. I overheard the attending Fire Marshall proclaim “Yeah, that’s about 5,000 people”, I knew something great was going down. A sea of flesh in various stages […]

Fig Leif 5k

Nothing feels as Primal as running naked through the forest…and I did just that on the Fig Leif 5k. It was held as part of Pedalpalooza just prior to the World Naked Bike Ride. It started 500 yards up Lief Erickson Drive and onto the 2 mile mark and back. A couple of cute volunteer […]

The Tour Divide Race 2009

Today, the Tour Divide Race Begins! See the Adventure Cycling Associations press release. The contestants abilities and mettle are a sight to behold and inspire me to be ultralight and hardcore. Make sure to check out the official site and last year’s pictures! It is a great desire to participate in this glory-less race and […]

The Barefoot Update

I’m still going barefoot as much as possible and have even run my first quarter-mile sans shoes. Blisters have caused a little bit of a set back, but the skin is healing quickly. I can’t really say that my feet feel any tougher as I can still feel every little pebble and bump but rather […]

Challenges and Tic Tac Toe

Push Yourself. Try Harder. Don’t Take the Easy Way. Isn’t Tic Tac Toe a simple game? It didn’t take very long to learn to play or get constant stalemate, so you move on to something harder. Chutes and Ladders, Life, Chess, Risk… You keep moving on to something more challenging. See Spot Run was a […]

Marking Progress

Working the UpperOriginally uploaded by TomasCoSauce The satisfaction of vanity is not felt when taking pictures of myself. I’ve gone from 3 strained pull-ups per every other day to about 20-30 repetitions and variations. Muscle has been visibly building, fat measurably disappearing and confidence socially noticeable. One month from now, we’ll see how the back […]

Breakfast on the Bridges

Breakfast on Bridges Signage, originally uploaded by TomasCoSauce. The local bike fun group, Shift, usually holds their monthly event on the last Friday of each month. Free coffee and pastries to cyclists and pedestrians cross the Hawthorne and Steel bridges on their way to work. June is time for Pedalpalooza, the 2+ week long party […]

Minimizing Stuff – Maximizing Life

“Really? You need 8 flashlights?” It has been nearly a year since I left my IT Help Desk job to pursue a career as a Personal Fitness training. An endeavor with little success. Since my employment-suicide, I’ve been selling off the majority of my possessions. Bicycles, furniture, most boooks, all CDs, all DVDs, toys, electronics, […]

Simple Running

Run as Naked as Possible. Leave the watch, GPS, iPod, backpack, heart rate monitor, pedometer, or whatever other gadgets you would normally take on a run and just get out there and run! So many people, myself included, focus so much on the exercise and training aspect of running that we get caught up in […]

Monday Weigh-In

Today, 150 lbs 18% Body Fat.A couple of weeks ago, I was at 155lbs. To lose the initial 5 pounds, I cut out the sodas, alcohol and other empty calories through junk food. Running, cycling, hiking and playground exercises probably helped as well. We’ll see how I fair this week.

Blogging it up

I don’t know why I didn’t think of putting all three of my blogs back onto Blogspot and just point the domain names to them…sheez… I’m currently working on three blogs, two of which are about my passions, and I might add a fourth blog about Art. – This blog about me and my […]

Simple and Effective Cardio with Jump Rope

It’s so freakin’ simple…almost as primal as barefoot running, but a bit less stressful on the body but still very effective in giving one a good cardio workout.

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